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Tel: 07739 133870

Email: CarolineCanineCutsEmail

Terms & Conditions

My first concern is the welfare and safety of your dog. Every care and attention will be given to your dog; however, your dog is accepted by me at your own risk. You confirm your dog is fit and healthy and is up to date with its vaccinations and flea treatments. Please ensure your dog has been walked and toileted before its appointment. Under the Animal Welfare Act (2006) I will not subject your dog to any unnecessary pain or discomfort.

Prices are based on an average dog, but additional charges may apply if, for example, your dog's coat is matted, your dog is aggressive or nervous which may take longer to groom. Payment is due upon collection. Cash only payments please.

If your dog’s coat is matted, your dog may have to be clipped short and close to the skin. Clipping may cause skin irritation or expose pre-exisiting skin conditions. Your written/verbal permission will be required to shave off your dog's coat.

Please inform me if your bitch is in season as I may require more time to groom her. I do not groom pregnant dogs.

I reserve the right to refuse a dog that poses a risk of injury to itself or me. If accepted, your dog may require muzzling and may also take longer to groom. An extra charge may be levied.

I may take photographs for educational purposes. I may also put pictures of your dog on my website or facebook page. Please advise me if you do not wish photographs to be taken.

Whilst every care will be taken a vet may be called in the event of an injury or illness to your dog. Unless it can be clearly shown that I am liable, all costs shall be at your expense.

I require a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellation if you are unable to keep an appointment. Time is allocated to groom your dog. A ‘no show’ charge will be levied and I may request a deposit for future appointments.
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